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Off-the-peg travel? That is not the DNA of “our favourite tours”, the new trips organised by Bollig Tours. Our creative team designs extraordinary travel experiences for you with great passion and attention to detail: adventure and adventure tours, nature and activity tours, cultural and pleasure tours in small groups or as private tours. Always with focus on the special.

That is what we are: Bollig Tours. Your partner for unforgettable travel experiences!

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Our favourite trips.

Currently there is no uniform standard for CO2 compensation. A scientifically based calculation and compensation is important for Bollig Tours, which is why we work together with the non-profit organisation atmosfair. Atmosfair won in October 2022 as in the previous test in 2018 (both times grade “very good”, Stiftung Warentest) and was even able to increase the quality gap in compensation compared to other providers.

Stiftung Warentest examined the quality of offsetting (50% weighting), transparency (15%), management and control (15%) and compliance with the principle of “avoid before reduce before offset” (20%).


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