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YOUNG LINE TRAVEL, the original for all those who want to travel with the best travel crew: Experience adventures with other Travellers between 20 and 35 years of age – lots of action guaranteed.
YOUNG LINE TRAVEL from 35, the next level for all those who still have a long way to go to discover the world: YOUNG LINE TRAVEL for adventurers over 35. A touch more comfort, but still just as much fun.

Go on a discovery tour and experience the perfect mix of exciting adventures, sightseeing and meeting interesting locals. Whether jeep safari, urban jungle or boat tour – every day brings new, unforgettable highlights. Your Marco Polo Scout will be there to take you to the most exciting corners of your travel destination.

Meet people and their culture
Intensive Experience – The scent of the spice pyramids, the private concert in the palace, the rich colours in the dyers’ buckets, the sand dunes in the soft light of the setting sun – each of our tours is bursting with experiences that will enrich your life. Capture the moment as it is only yours!

kultimer, event travel from Studiosus, offers you exciting tours to top events all over the world: to classical concerts and opera performances, festivals and exhibitions, to culinary highlights and natural spectacles. A first-class Studiosus tour guide is always on hand. Everything is perfectly organised so you don’t have to worry about a thing: ideal for a short break or a long weekend.

Being attentive to the things and people that surround you, realising that a stay in nature offers more luxury than a stay in a 5-star hotel – this is how REISEN MIT SINNEN defines itself. Authentic, real experiences and a little deceleration in a small, friendly travel group. You won’t find clichés and bargains at REISEN MIT SINNEN.

Here you find an information tool with sustainable trips. 

Moments of happiness with a maximum of twelve guests.
We would like to invite you to see the world with different eyes. Not through the glasses of the onlooker, but with your heart. Because it’s not about having been somewhere, but about how much you take home with you.
We want people from different cultures to meet as equals, to understand and appreciate each other. That a trip is sustainable and improves life in the countries of travel. That was, is and remains Chameleon.

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